Andros is completely different to all other islands in the Cyclades. With its high mountains, deep, green and fertile valleys, its abundant running water, plateaus, terraced farmlands, steep coasts and the many large and small golden sandy beaches, is one of the best Aegean Islands. It's perfect for gentle strolling, hiking or driving since in a few kilometres the landscape changes dramatically. One moment you are in a dry, scrubby windswept area and the next in a forest of pines, or a wood of chestnut, plane and oak trees with the sound of running water babbling over its stony riverbed. The famous mineral water, Sariza springs here. The island of Andros offers traditional and lovely villages. Some of those are perched on the slopes of the mountains, among many trees and water fountains and consist of stone constructions. Others are amphitheatrically built near the sea, according to the traditional Greek Cycladic architecture. The superb beauty of the island's capital Chora, propose a combination of neoclassical and Cycladic architecture. Beautiful beaches, good food, lively nightlife, museums (Archaeological, Maritime and Modern Art), libraries, monuments, unique architecture, combining mountain and sea, hospitable people, great naval tradition, caves, wonderful natural environment and  just two hours away from Rafina port (Athens). Messathouri A couple of km before Chora (the Capital of the island) you reach at the pretty village of Menites. Menites is famous for its distinctive marble fountains, with spring water gushing down from six lion head spouts. This verdant green landscape with its centuries' old trees is truly a piece of untouched paradise. Just before the springs, a steep road leads up to the villages of Strapourgies, Messathouri,Ypsillou, and Lamyra, well known for their distinctive houses nestled amidst a beautiful green landscape, unique in Greece.